The Lands and Natural Resources Ministry says it has completed a thorough assessment of the Green Ghana Project it embarked on in June this year.

At a press briefing held in Accra on Tuesday, the Ministry indicated that the exercise was to evaluate the success of the over seven million seedlings that were planted across the country.

Deputy Lands Minister, Benito Owusu-Bio, said some third parties, including the National Investigations Bureau (NIB), were key stakeholders who assisted in assessing the project.

“Fortunately, we’ve all been asking, and I know questions have been coming as to how successful the programme was this year.”

“I can tell you formally that with the help of third parties, we have been able to do serious assessment of what has happened on the ground regarding the success of the Green Ghana Project that we undertook with the help of the National Investigation Bureau,” he said.

The Ministry recently announced a campaign dubbed ‘Visit Your Tree’, which is aimed at getting Ghanaians to assess the growth of the trees they planted six months ago.

The initiative is an ancillary programme of the ‘Green Ghana Project’, which is expected to continue next year with a nationwide target of 20 million seedlings.

Mr Owusu-Bio noted that “we’ll be coming out with programmes that will sensitise the public, and we would also be inviting prominent and eminent Ghanaians who helped in championing that cause on that day for them also to play a very leading role.”

The Atwima Nwabiagya North lawmaker stressed that regular press briefings will be held to update Ghanaians on issues pertaining to the Project.

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