The Coordinator of the Eastern Region National Disaster Management Organisation has debunked claims of shortage of relief items for flood victims in the region.

Ransford Owusu Boakye told Joy News “for now we have enough. About three or four days ago we ran short of it but as I am speaking the government has provided enough to be given to the victims,” he said.

“We have been able to take care of the people who are displaced,” he added.

The Region is facing its worse flood disaster in recent history with five lives lost to the torrents.

Over 9,000 more residents are said to be displaced after their houses were submerged by the flood.

Initial concerns over relief items were raised but the regional coordinator insists enough has been provided to take care of the victims at least for now.

However, the National Coordinator, Kofi Portorphy who is in the Eastern Region to assess the extent of damage and fatality told Joy News they are short of relief items and has made a passionate appeal for donation.

“We would need food items of all sorts- particularly the basic cereals like rice maize or millet or sorghum or beans. We will also need some fish, particularly canned fish.

“We will need soap, some medicines,” he said.

Whilst noting that the victims will need shelter like tents, the priority, he said, is on the essential needs but did not rule out donations of mattresses, clothing, blankets and cups.

“We need buckets, plates, cups and lanterns” he said.

Meanwhile, Joy FM’s flagship programme the Super Morning Show
is championing an appeal to raise more relief items for NADMO.

Donors are required to donate anything other than cash to the various stations and affiliate stations across the country for onward submission to NADMO.

Story by Nathan Gadugah/


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