Information Minister, Mustapha Hamid, has chastised the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) for undermining the sanctity of Parliament by leaking documents to the media.

Mustapha Hamid said it smacks of disrespect for the NDC to put out in public, an agreement yet to be discussed in Parliament.

He was speaking at a press conference to respond to controversial US-Ghana military cooperation agreement, which some say surrenders Ghana's sovereignty to the US.

US-GHANA military agreement

"This is the second time a document goes to Parliament and then NDC MPs rush these documents to the media… in order to…destroy the credibility of debate that will be going on in Parliament", he said.

Government has been facing some backlash over the deal which will allow US military forces unfettered access to some Ghanaian installations.

Information Minister was particularly disappointed that the document discussed and approved at Cabinet, was not leaked until it landed in Parliament.

"The day that we take it to Parliament the NDC elements take the document and throw it into the public space when even the debate has not started," he said.

The Minister called on the leadership of Parliament to demand from the NDC some respect for its sanctity.

He also called on the media to check this  "lack of decorum" by rejecting leaked documents.

"You, the media must also help us in calling the NDC out on this behaviour".

"When they leak documents that are yet to be discussed in Parliament to you in order to generate a public discussion ahead of Parliament, you tell them that this is not correct".

The Minister continued that "when we were in opposition we were very responsible to know that you don't undermine Parliament".