Marriage counselor Rev. Samuel Kisseadoo says a US Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage as an unfortunate precedence, since it will have a large influence on the rest of the world who believe marriage is between a man and a woman.

He also disapproved of Christians and non-Christians whom he believes have abandoned the way of life dictated by scriptures and, therefore, indulge in acts of fornication, adultery, covetousness, robbery, corruption, and lies which are all condemned by God in the Bible.

The founder and president of Fruitful Ministries International said Christian especially leaders are engaged in “sentimental poetry in the pulpits”, “naming and claiming” while the word of God is left at large.

In a ruling last Friday, the US Supreme Court by a 5-4 ruling legalized gay marriage in all 50 states. President Barack Obama has hailed the ruling saying “love is love”.

He noted that gay activists have been “praying” for the legalization of their sexual orientation in a civil union.

The action by the U.S has sparked outrage on Ghana’s social media. Many have expressed disgust and recalled the growing acceptance of homosexuality as signs of the end times.

Discussing the moral issue on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show, the international evangelist, Rev. Samuel Kisseadoo recognized that outpouring of disgust as the right way to go.

He warned that there are implications for misusing “any gift that pertains to your body”.

“Homosexuals will not go to heaven” he quoted Romans 1 for biblical support.

Nonetheless, he pointed out that as bad as homosexuality is, fornication, adultery, pornography and drunkenness are all sins that will condemn anybody from making it to heaven.

The marriage counselor said even married people are practicing anal sex as homosexuals do and watching pornography which the Bible condemns.

The pastor who is also a professor in Biology said he believes that anal muscles were not formed for sex but excretion.

He however insisted that homosexuals have rights to fundamental human rights which must be respected; their right to food, equal pay, right to work and dignity must all be respected.

Disapproving of the act of homosexuality does not mean that one is against homosexuals, Rev. Kisseadoo insisted.