With Ghana sinking under a heavy load of corruption, Joy FM's Ghana Connect programme dug deep into what has now become a cancerous albatross hanging around the neck of a country reeling in poverty.

Ghosts, 22,000 of them, have siphoned over 7 million cedis of Ghana's limited resources at the country's National Service Scheme (NSS). This happened at a time when Ghana's leaky begging bowl is out there at the IMF sniffing around for resource crumbs to fix Ghana's economy.

Officials of the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) who are investigating the rot at the NSS have also been allegedly bribed by high ranking officials at the National Service Secretariat.

There is the GYEEDA rot and the stinking revelations of corruption at the ongoing World Cup Commission of Enquiry to deal with.

On Ghana Connect, host Evans Mensah connected to individuals around the world who gave very interesting perspectives on corruption in London, Denmark, Nigeria and of course Ghana.


From Denmark Victor Bosie Boateng says corruption is hardly an issue because wealth is spread equitably. It is possible for one to live on salary. There is insurance and education is made free to a large extent. There is wealth in abundance for all. So even though corruption is present, only few cases are recorded. "In Denmark each one is everybody's keeper," he noted


Nwosi Kalechi in Nigeria, says it is always easier to be corrupt in Nigeria and other African nations. The systems in Nigeria encourage corruption. "There is no equity in the system", he said.


Fred Oduro Sarpong in London says it is individuals who are corrupt and not the systems that make them corrupt. "In any case who puts those systems in place?" he asked. It is greed that makes people corrupt.


Richard Odame an SRC President at the Ashesi University says in Ghana the leaders are selfish and think more of themselves and their immediate families than the general good of the populace.

Paul, a representative from an NGO also shares similar opinions.

Play the attached audio for the discussion on Ghana's corruption.