Writer and youth trainer, Bright Agropah has released his new book in which he advised Christians not shy away from leadership positions.

In ‘The Mandate of The Modern Day Church’ he tells his readers that Christians can influence their spheres best with Godly principles, make genuine wealth and take up leadership positions.

Speaking on his motivation for writing the book, the former leader of Pentecost Students Association (PENSA) of University of Ghana said the mandate of the church is not to populate denominations but to draw people to Christ.

He said many denominations are only concerned about their numbers and are not preaching the word of Christ.

Bright Agropah
Bright signing copies of his new book

Agropah believes the Church which is the body of Christ must admit there are issues within it and find ways of solving them to make the faith attractive to unbelievers.

He underscored the need for the church universal to embark on a roadmap to ensure unity in the body of Christ.

The writer advised believers to desist from calling certain denominations as ‘one-man’ churches as the term appears pejorative and doesn’t help build unity.

“There is more to the mandate of soul-winning than merely holding placards in towns, hoisting flags and banners, doing dawn broadcasting as the church typically does,” he observed.  

Mr Bright Agropah also made a brief comment on the issue of hypocrisy and judgment in the church.

He did not mince words when he said: “it appears the church has more judges than the law courts”.

The youth leader drew the attention of the church to this stark reality and appealed to the church to carefully look at them.