Relationship counsellor, Amos Kevin-Annan has advised wives to among other things, seduce their husbands. He also provided some tips to husbands, to spice up their marriages.

Speaking on JoyNews’ AM Show on Friday, he noted that sex is very essential in marriage, however, the situation in many marriages is that one person is sexually satisfied while the other is left sex expectant.

He, therefore, shared some tips to both sides while discussing how to spice up their love life for a thriving relationship and reignite an almost dead one.

According to him, wives must learn to tempt and trap their husbands to keep their spot, energy and attention on them.

“Tempting him is to make yourself irresistible to him, trap him is to make him focus on you and your features and the torment is to give him in order that you can gain your response, etc,” he apprised.

Mr Kevin-Annan added that “when you torment your man, you tame him and you will hear him snoring and sleeping.”

Another important factor, he further advised wives on, is to treasure their husbands because “men like treasuring.”

The counsellor observed that for men, having sex is like running a marathon, hence the need for women to tame their husbands “to keep him sleeping and snoring.”

He is also of the view that discerning wives will never leave their husbands to exit the house hungry and horny, “because if you do that, you make him vulnerable to slay queens.”

Directing his attention to the men, the counsellor advised that they ensure there is always a warm atmosphere, “you must create connection and chemistry.”

He said, “a real husband does not keep his wife’s eyes wet, rather, he learns to keep her panties wet.”

Also, he said husbands should wet up – “You wet up because they willingly welcome you, it is lubrication to avoid friction, tension, pain, stress and distress.” 

The third tip, he noted is to “get her into a place of getting wild where she wishes there’s no end to it,” and moved on to the fourth tip which is to “leave her to wonder when next are we coming again.”

And finally, he said, “let her wait and wish with the poise, posture and expectation.”

Mr Amos Kevin-Annan believes that although it takes two to tango, it takes one unhappy person to destroy a great relationship hence the need for both parties to play their part. 

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