Hannah Grace, a creative mother-of-one from the UK, has been doing makeup illusions for only a couple of years, but she is already one of the most talented artists in the business.

A former chef turned self-taught makeup artist, 32-year-old Hannah got into facial makeup illusions back in 2018, while painting her face for fun.

She realized that she was pretty good at it and decided to pursue the art form further.

Since then, she has transformed herself into popular cartoon characters, as well as original illusions, some of which are truly stunning to look at.

Although her makeup art started as a hobby, Hannah has managed to turn it into a successful career, at least on social media, where she boasts thousands of loyal fans

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It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see… 👁️ My cyclops illusion revealed to see my eyes too 😂 …. WIG from @thehairextensioncavemollycook #thisismakeup #illusionmakeup #cyclops #cyclopsmakeup #makeup #cyclopscosplay #specialeffectsmakeup #theillusionartist

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“I would love to one day turn my hobby into a career, but I must learn how to speed up, I am a perfectionist, so I like to make sure every look is amazing before I upload it to social media,” Hannah told Caters News.

“I tend to create three or four looks a week whilst my son is asleep, by the time I have finished a look, it Is almost time for me to get up with Archie.”

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When they say “try a day in my shoes” 👟 👟 Inspired by the amazing @kikastudio #thisismakeup #shoelace #lacemakeup #laces #illusionmakeup #theillusionartist #makeupart #makeupartistry #illusionart

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To create her stunning optical illusions, Hannah Grace uses a mix of makeup and face paint, and takes inspiration from a variety of fields, including fellow makeup artists, popular cartoon characters or current trends.

She spends hours making sure her transformation is perfect just so she can take a few pictures and then wash her face clean, which she admits sounds a bit crazy.

“It is crazy that I spend eight to ten hours on average doing my makeup to then take some pictures and wash it off,” Grace said.

Hannah Grace joins the ranks of other incredibly talented makeup artists we have featured on Oddity Central over the last few years, including the queen of facial makeup illusions, Mimi Choi, South Korean Instagram sensation Dain Yoon, or rising stars Monika Falčik and Hoa Trang.

For more of Hannah Grace’s optical illusions, check out her TikTok and Instagram.