Torgbui Addo VIII, Paramount Chief of Klikor has said he cannot find the right words to describe former President Jerry John Rawlings whose death, he said, is a great loss to humanity.

He described the first President of the country’s fourth Republic as caring, selfless and humble.

Torgbui Addo spoke to the Ghana News Agency on the sidelines of a meeting between the leadership of Volta Region National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the Anlo Traditional Council at the residence of Torgbui Agbesi Awusu II, the Awadada of Anlo at Woe.

The visit of the NDC delegation which included regional executives of the party led by their Chairman, Mr Henry Ametefee and the Volta Caucus of Parliament led by their Chairman, Mr Emmanuel Kwasi Bedzrah was to formally inform the Anlo chiefs drawn from Ketu South, Ketu North, Akatsi South, Akatsi North, Keta and Anloga Districts of the demise of Mr Rawlings and to commiserate with them on their loss.

The Paramount Chief of Klikor spoke about the kind-hearted, peaceful and humble nature of Mr Rawlings.

“In fact, I don’t know the right words to describe the icon. He’s so generous and what’s more, he won’t even make noise of it. This car I’m using now, he got it for me. I was home one day and someone drove it to me as a gift from Mr Rawlings.

“He would call to check on me and my family. Not long before the sad news of his death, he called my daughter to enquire about me when I was installed. Every time, he’s concerned about someone and never caring about himself.

“He was so respectful and humble. Look at what he did the last at a funeral in the Tongu area. He went down on his knee before me just to seek permission to depart from the ceremony ahead of time. He’s our former President and also chief in our land. It’s hard for me to imagine that we lost him. We have a lot to learn from him,” he added.

Mr James Gunu, NDC Volta Regional Secretary said the party would collaborate with the Anlo Traditional Council to give Mr Rawlings a befitting burial noting, several activities were lined up in memory of their founder.

He said the legacy Mr Rawlings stood for were the principles on which the NDC was founded; the principles of probity and accountability, and must therefore be upheld.

He further urged Ghanaians to ensure the return of the NDC into power as “that would be the best way the country could honour the memory of the late former President.”

The Anlo Traditional Council noted that following this formal communication of the demise of their son, Mr Jerry John Rawlings to them by the family, a delegation would be sent to the family in Accra on Friday, November 20 to partake in deliberations leading to arrangements to send the late Rawlings to his ancestors.

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