Fast-rising artist Xlimkid, has caught the ears of renowned rapper, Drake with his freestyle tribute to Drake’s “5 am in Toronto”, dubbed “5 am in Kumasi.”

The young music talent known for his music prowess delivered a masterpiece in his recent rap freestyle, inspired by Drake. A team member from Jay Z‘s Roc Nation sent the freestyle piece to Drake.

It was said that Drake was impressed with XlimKid’s appreciation of his “5 am in Toronto,” thus the inspiration for his impeccable freestyle, “5 am in Kumasi.”

The young musician also revealed that, in his early teens, he used to hear voices sounding like rhymes and melodies in his head which he said was very strange at that age.

“But I came to understand it sounded from music, I think that was music calling me and I couldn’t get rid of it and now it’s more serious than it was music chose me and I possess all the abilities every great musician possesses which makes me limitless.”

Aside from his beautiful and unique special qualities in singing and rapping, Xlimkid loves hearing the distinctive melodies from the guitar.

Additionally, he said he loves doing music he is able to tell his story through it, adding that, it also helps him to motivate and empower music lovers with his craft.