President of Benin Yayi Boni is confident Ghana will continue supplying his country with energy despite power challenges in the West African country.

Ghanaians are reeling under a load shedding regime with a rippling effect on business across the country.

 President Yayi Boni made the remark at the Jubilee Lounge of the Kotoka International Airport where he was hosted by President John Mahama yesterday.

He called on president Mahama ahead of the ongoing ECOWAS summit in Yamousukro, Ivory Coast.

President Mahama indicated Yayi Boni's stopover here in Ghana was necessitated by the low levels of energy Ghana supplies them as a result of energy challenges his own country is enduring.

"We have a commitment to supply some amount of energy to the republic of Benin. As a result of challenges we've been having ourselves, I think that the  levels that we should supply to our partners Benin and Togo has  lately been quite low and so he came to acquaint himself with the challenges we have and see how as members of ECOWAS and as members of West Africa Power Pool, we can see how to resolve this issue"

Speaking through an interpreter, President Yayi Boni was hopeful his country will get energy despite the challenges adding their talks will also go beyond energy.

He said that "Ghana will continue to keep her promise despite the hard times and hardships experienced by this country"

Benin and Togo have relied on Ghana for energy suipplies