President Akufo-Addo has reiterated that security agencies in the country will not hesitate to deal with persons who fail to adhere to Covid-19 safety protocols.

The President who expressed worry over a new surge in active Covid-19 cases recorded in the country said there is a need to conform to the protocols as it is the surest way to bring down the virus.

During his 23rd address on measures taken to mitigate the impact of the pandemic in the country, he stated that security agencies will embark on random checks to ensure conformity with the Covid-19 protocols as well as strictly enforce them.

“You do not have to be arrested by the Police before you wear your mask, your workplace should not be closed for non-conformity with the protocols, if there is no urgent reason for you to be outside, please stay at home,” he said.

His comment comes amidst growing cases of Covid-19 as well as the detection of the dreaded new variants of the virus in the country.

Addressing the citizenry on Sunday, he stated that “as of Friday, January 29, 64 more people had, sadly, died, over the last two weeks, bringing the total number of confirmed deaths to 416.

“Our hospitalisation rates are increasing, with the number of critically and severely ill persons now at 172. Our hospitals have become full, and we have had to reactivate our isolation centers.

“Our average daily rates of infection now stand at 700, compared to 200 two weeks ago,” he added.

“The total number of active cases has more than doubled, from a little over 1,900, two weeks ago, to 5,358 currently.

He, therefore, urged strict compliance of the protocols and added that government will also do its part in curbing the situation.

“Government will continue to monitor our Covid-19 situation, and will remain resolved in ensuring that we are able to return to normal daily routines.

“I remain hopeful that if each one of us embraces fully the safety protocols, and we continue to put our faith in the Almighty, we will emerge strongly from this pandemic,” he said.

“My faith in God tells me that this too shall pass! For the Battle is the Lords,” he added.