A private legal practitioner, Bernard Agortey has cautioned the public to desist from sharing information without checking its authenticity.

According to him, when information is disseminated without verification and it turns out to be false, “you will be held liable.”

He, therefore, urged the populace to “read and verify” before sharing any information they receive.

He also condemned teachers who record videos of their pupils when they give a wrong response to questions and those who publish child pornography.

He explained that the child captured in those videos also have the right to privacy.

“We publish these things and the effect is that the whole world gets to see them, the whole world gets to react to it.”

“If you look at some offenses related to child pornography, and how the publication is interpreted under those laws, we should be very careful when we are sharing some of those things,” he said.

He supported it with extracts from the law noting that “I think the provision in section 208 is more specific to the general populace than the provisions under the electronic communication act but the ingredients basically are the same. If you use a means, in this case they are being specific electronic communication services. If you use those means to publish things which will end up having the same effect which we have under sections 208, you will be committing an offence.”

According to him, the things we share have impacts on the lives of others hence the caution.

“The person or the subject matter of the things we share don’t remain with us. People also form opinions about it. It affects people’s daily lives. It has the potential of even affecting many more people than we think of,” he indicated.

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