There were tears and hearts were broken, but overall joy reigned when the Tigo Community Soccer challenge rolled into action in Dansoman.

The premier intercommunity soccer contest drew the very best of players from Mataheko, Mallam, Zamarama Line, Dansoman Control, Dansoman Exhibition and Agege among other areas.

The Datus School Complex field came alive when the players, neatly decked in their Tigo kits, sought to showcase the talked-about football prowess in the Dansoman area.

Studded with former national team players and professionals, Agege, tipped by many as the favourites, were pipped by Zamarama Line in the dying minutes of the finals to win the title.

Agege played champagne football throughout the tournament but for their goalkeeper’s failure to deal completely with a last minute shot, they looked like the top contenders for the title.

The underdog Zamarama Line side bided their time, withstood countless Agege onslaughts and stung them late in the second half.

They won for themselves the prestigious title of Tigo Community Soccer champions for Dansoman, a trophy, gold medals, souvenirs and cash reward of GH₵ 500 cedis.

Agege’s sorrows were soothed with a cash reward of GH₵ 300 cedis, silver medals and Tigo souvenirs.

SSNIT came in third after beating Mallam on penalties and received GH₵ 200 cedis for the effort.

From the winning team, George Oscar was adjudged the best player of the competition and was awarded with a smartphone.

The Tigo Community Soccer is the telecommunication giant’s attempt to rekindle inter community football rivalries whiles rewarding them for their loyalty.
Fans were not left out of the celebration. They were given Tigo souvenirs and stood the chance to win more in the Azonto dance challenge and women’s penalty shootout.
Dansoman was the second stop in the 16 community-long nationwide competition. The tour got off to a splendid start last week in Bukom where Mamprobi won the first trophy.
Next, the train stops in Madina and will involve 16 teams from Bawalashie to Adenta.


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