Presby Minister launches 2 new books

Presby Minister launches 2 new books
Source: Ghana|
Date: 13-01-2019 Time: 09:01:34:am

Writing and launching four books within and space of a year is how Presbyterian Minister, Rev. Chris Baah Nartey etched his name on the slate that holds the names of authors of Christian literature.

He made his debut in the literary space when he simultaneously launched two ‘page turners’; “Kingdom mandate” and “Fulfilling a Glorious Destiny” in December 2017.

Twelve months down the line, he is out with another pair in his determined effort to augment the volume of literature on Christian themes.

Titled “Invoking Devine Visitation” and “The Passion of Christ”  the new set of two was launched recently at the Bethel Presby Church, Kpong, in the Lower Manya Krobo Municipality of the Eastern Region, attracting well-wishers from all walks of life.

About the two books

“Invoking the Devine Visitation” is a 94-page book which is a product of thorough research and analysis. It provides readers with a deep insight into what it means to have God’s presence in one’s life.

“The Passion of Christ” took 10 years of research to generate the content and every one of the 72 pages gives one a sense of the effort that went into it. It is about Easter and appreciating the benefits of the death and resurrection of Christ bring to the Christian.

Rev. Chris Baah Nartey

Commenting on the launch and the inspiration behind the beautiful literary works, Rev. Nartey said, “I got moved to write these books because many people ‘lack depth’ on these subjects.

“Most of the topics treated in the books are from my personal encounter with the Lord. As a minister of the gospel, I find myself preaching on them all the time. It is only prudent for me to have them in text and a more permanent form for people to read at their convenience”.

About the author

Rev. Chris Baah Nartey attended the Trinity Theological Seminary (Legon) where he first studies for his Certificate in Ministry and later, First Degree. Presently, he holds a Master’s Degree in New Testament Studies having graduated from the Union Presbyterian Seminary, USA in 2016.

He is the current resident minister for the Bethel Congregation of the Presbyterian Church in Kpong. He is married with four children.