Construction of infectious disease isolation and treatment facility at Ga East Hospital

Ghana’s first-ever 100-bed Isolation and Treatment Facility, funded by the Covid-19 Private Sector Fund will be completed by the end of June instead of the initial May deadline.

This according to management is due to some additional features added to the architectural plan in response to requests made by the Ghana Medical Association and other infectious disease clinicians and biomedical scientists.

The project, located at the Ga East Municipal Hospital was commenced in April last month after a sod cutting ceremony graced by President Akufo-Addo.

In a statement signed by Managing Trustee of the Fund, Senyo Hosi, the new requested included “the incorporation of a level 2.5 scalable to a level 3 biomedical laboratory in consultation with officials from Noguchi Memorial Institute of Medical Research”.

Also an “addition of a 21-bed intensive care unit and a total insulation of a center for energy efficiency since the facility will be required to be climatically controlled throughout its use.”

Finally, an “application of an Ultra-Violet radiation treatment of air entering and exiting the facility which is to ensure that no contaminated air exits in the building.”

The statement further said these requirements were necessary so as to ensure the facility meets its target of becoming Ghana’s National Coronavirus Treatment Centre as well as enhancing government’s ability to deal with the spread of the coronavirus and other pandemics.

“We consider these additions critical to delivering the impact Ghana needs in the fight against current and future epidemics and pandemics and are set to make the facility arguably a signature facility of its kind in West Africa.

“The inclusion of these improvements and modifications led to the need for more work and has required us to revise our completion and commissioning date to the 30th of June 2020,” the statement noted.

Mr. Senyo Hosi also used the opportunity to urge interested donors who would like to join the campaign to donate to the fund in support of the project.

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