Most of us begun this year with the expectation of either finding our soul mate or getting eternally married to the one we most love. But someway somehow, our romantic hopes got dashed may be due to specific reasons best unknown to us.

Well, we cannot risk losing such a chance again as a new year is just about beginning so that to be that successful in finding that soul mate in the year 2016, we may want to go through these carefully laid out steps.

1. Enter into a serious soul-searching exercise  

One thing we often fail to acknowledge as single men and women is the fact that there remain specific traits and characteristics which drives our potential lover away. Maybe it could be our rudeness, lose-tongue syndrome, bad temper, pessimism or even sheer lack of personal hygiene. Whatever be the case, it remains imperative that we find out our shortfalls and tackle them if indeed we are after that special person.

2. Extend a smile  

Most relationship experts say that the best way(s) at which persons get to find their future significant other is mainly through the magic of smiles. Trust me, no one would ever love to be with a frowned distraught face as psychologists even tell us that one’s life is bound to shorten should (s)he often be meeting morose faces. Just start with a warm smile, greet everyone as possible and let the world feel your sweet aura.

3. Give out a helping hand 

For those of us blessed to have grandparents still living in love together, we may share one similar story our grannies use to tell us – the story which shows how they (our grannies) fell for each other just because of the help one extended to the other unknowingly.

Help comes in different ways; could be proffering advice to a disturbed mind, paying the fare for someone, engaging in communal labour or even taking someone out for dinner. It’s amazing to know how someone could be watching whiles you embark on such charitable duties…and who knows, it may end up being that special someone you always wished to have.

4. Stay focused

Telling a single person to stay focus often has been mistaken to mean focusing on the chances of finding that special someone, unfortunately not. When we say stay focused, we mean staying glued to your dream and aspirations.

It may surprise us to know that humans are not engineered to fall in love with an idle-minded person. In fact, most ladies would say they are more attracted to hard working dudes why because they sense an aura of responsibility around them.

Focus on your job, commit yourself to get higher grades in college, do the best you can to stay on top and trust me… the attraction to that future soulmate would be more than a magnet’s!