The National Lottery Authority has said the *959# lottery shortcode has been appreciated by the staking public because it is addressing stigmatisation.

The *959# is the official short code of the National Lottery Authority (NLA) running the Original 5/90 Lotto Game from Monday to Saturday.

The *959# short code and platforms formed part of the Government’s digitisation and the digitalization programme aims at transforming all the sectors of the economy including the lottery industry.

Since the implementation of the digital lottery platform, consumers of lottery products especially the upper and middle class have taken serious interest in playing the 5/90 Game via the NLA Official Short Code *959#.

“Previously the Upper and Middle Class were finding it difficult to stake lottery products in the Lotto Kiosks largely due to stigmatization but the introduction of the *959# and platforms have been very helpful to address the concerns of Lottery Stigmatisation.

“Now players who are unwilling to stake lottery publicly in the Lotto Kiosks can do so at their comfort zone on mobile phones by dialling *959# or visit,” the NLA stated in a press release.