As part of the Easter celebrations, Abusua Nkosuo Club, donated bags of clothing, various foodstuffs, toiletries and 20-liter water jerry cans to the Compassion Rehab Center at Dawhenya in the Ningo Prampram district.

It was the club’s second social responsibility activity to improve and harmonize the wellbeing of the society and the  Rehab Center in particular.

Tesa Ayernor, chairman of the Club indicated that the club had decided to make the event an annual one and encouraged the inmates to recognize members of the Club as brothers and part of the Abusua family.

Some of the inmates including one police officer and a teenager shared their experiences on drug addiction and substance abuse. 

The items were received by Pastor Robert Fennie, the manager and resident pastor of the Rehab Center.

Compassion In Action (CIA) is the missions arm of Action Chapel International with the goal of helping people in pain to alleviate human suffering and to help Christians grow in their faith.

The Center works primarily to help rescue men from alcohol and drug addiction. They offer love, housing, schooling, job skill training and drug recovery process skills [12 Step Facilitation Therapy Program].

Many of the inmates also receive Biblical counseling to help rebuild and restore their lives.

In November last year, the Club donated dustbins to the Haatso-Papao Community after a four-hour clean-up exercise on the National Sanitation Day clean-up.

Abusua Nkosuo Club is open to any prospective male who demonstrates a true spirit of association and the need to mutually support one another to build a strong and humane community.


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