ACTIVA International Insurance Company Limited has presented a cheque for GH¢ 30,000 towards the organization of the 2017 Sports Writers Association of Ghana (SWAG) awards ceremony scheduled to take place at the State Banquet Hall, Accra on Saturday, 27th May 2017.

At a short ceremony to marking the presentation, Managing Director of Activa International Insurance Company Limited, Mr. Solomon Lartey said he was looking forward to the awards ceremony.

“Today, we have invited you once again to witness the presentation of our contribution towards the 42nd SWAG Awards celebrations. This is the fifth consecutive time Activa is giving this support to SWAG,” he said.

The Activa boss continued that, “the SWAG awards means a lot to us not only because it has become the most credible awards scheme in the sporting industry but also due to the fact that it offers us an opportunity as an insurance company to bring to the fore the essence of insurance in our nation building process”.

Touching on the May 9th Stadium Disaster remembrance, which coincided with the presentation day, Mr. Lartey said, ”today marks the anniversary of the May 9 Stadium Disaster. A dark day in the history of sports in Ghana. 

"A day when innocent sports enthusiasts of our nation were injured and others stampeded to death. The scars of sadness and suffering still linger on. Wives have been left without husbands. Husbands without wives. Sons and daughters without fathers or mothers. Breadwinners lost, bringing untold hardship to families. I am aware that governments past and present, as well as society, have tried to assist surviving spouses and/or orphans to carry on, but the success has been negligible."

According to the World Bank, natural catastrophes cost an average of 520 billion dollars per year globally affecting more than 26 million people in underdeveloped countries. 

Ghana has had its fair share of disasters both manmade and natural, the most recent being the June 3 floods of 2015 during which Activa Insurance alone paid out more than GHS35million in claims to affected companies in Ghana.

"Insurance is a mechanism by which people or organizations can get security against unforeseen circumstances capable of yielding disastrous consequences like the May 9 disaster,” Mr Lartey said.

The short cheque presentation ceremony was attended by SWAG President, Mr. Kwabena Yeboah, SWAG patrons Mr. Joe Aggrey and Oheneba Charles, SWAG Treasurer, Rosalind Amoh, the Chief Operating Officer of Activa, Mr. Benjamin Yamoah, Regional Chief Finance Officer of Activa Mrs. Genevieve Tachie, members of SWAG and the media.

Receiving the cheque, Mr. Kwabena Yeboah expressed his heartfelt gratitude to Activa International Insurance for their contribution towards the development of sports in Ghana and SWAG for the fifth consecutive times.