After the December 7 presidential and parliamentary elections, a private legal practitioner, Francis Xavier-Sosu emerged winner of the Madina constituency race polling 61,274 as against his opponent Boniface Abubakar Sadiq who managed 46,525.

The win makes Xavier-Sosu MP-elect for Madina, thus, presenting new hope for the constituency.

Over the years, Francis-Xavier Sosu has undertaken several initiatives within the Madina Constituency including the establishment of the Centre for Poverty Alleviation (CPA), creation of the Zongo Development Platform, provision of free NHIS registration for hundreds of children and the aged, and facilitating free vacation classes for basic school students across the constituency.

Xavier-Sosu’s five-fold vision for the Madina constituency comprising Job Creation and Youth Development, Education, Infrastructure, Social Interventions, Quality and Effective Parliamentary Representation, and Sports Development is targeted specifically towards addressing the needs and aspirations of residents of the Constituency, particularly the Youth who make up the majority.

Mr. Xavier-Sosu’s vision seeks to provide opportunities and for Job Creation & Youth Development.

He intends to set up Skills & Career Centres across the Constituency in order to generate a database that captures the demography, education, skills and competencies of the working class in the constituency.

The idea is to help the Incoming MP know the job needs of Constituents in order to lobby and create needed job opportunities and facilitation of skills training – This commitment has been demonstrated with the successful launch of the Madina Jobs Centre.

To apply, Youth of the Constituency are encouraged to visit the online portal dedicated to this vision.

For Education, Sosu seeks to replace chalkboards in all government schools with marker boards, establish a Scholarship Fund to support needy but brilliant constituents who gain admission to further their education at the tertiary level; and institute an annual Best Teacher Award for both private and government basic and pre-tertiary schools within the constituency.

The incoming MP also intends to introduce Inter School Debate competitions on national issues among basic and pre-tertiary schools within the constituency in an effort to promote reading culture among students and increase students’ confidence; as well as periodically provide learning materials such as textbooks, exercise books, markers, and desks for students within the Constituency.

For Infrastructure, Lawyer Sosu wishes to partner the Municipal Assembly to construct gutters and bridges in flood-prone areas, lobby for the modernization of the Madina Market and Lorry Station, improve road network, educational and health facilities, and ensure the completion of the Umar Bun Hattab (UBH) School at Madina Zongo.

For Social Interventions, Lawyer Sosu aims to institute Mobile Clinic and provide free periodic healthcare, regular screening of the Aged in the constituency, organize capacity building workshops for market women and artisans in the constituency, as well create a microcredit scheme for same within the Madina Constituency.

For quality and effective parliamentary representation, Mr. Sosu as he has demonstrated intends to represent the poor and the middle class and better represent their interest in Parliament; be a voice for Madina in Parliament, and help make quality and effective laws in Parliament.

Sosu also intends to leverage on his wide network to attract opportunities and lobby for developmental projects for the constituency.

The people of Madina have demonstrated through the elections the belief in Integrity, Character, Service, and Commitment as key to helping realize the vision of a fully-developed Constituency and values instrumental to addressing the challenges that confront Constituents. Mr. Sosu presents renewed hope and vision to help realize these outcomes.