The Apple TV app is officially coming to games consoles, starting with an announcement from Sony.

On the PlayStation blog, the company revealed that the Apple TV app will be available on November 12, that’s the same day as the PlayStation 5 release date.

The app will be made available for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Just like the smart TV apps, users will be able to subscribe and enjoy Apple TV+ originals, and access their movie and TV show purchases from the iTunes Store.

Although PlayStation has announced first, an Apple TV app for Xbox is currently in development and may ultimately be released at a similar time.

Games consoles join streaming sticks, smart TVs and — of course — Apple devices in being able to access the Apple TV platform.

Ever since announcing Apple TV+ back in March 2019, making the TV app available everywhere has always been Apple’s plan, but it has taken a while for it to reach critical distribution of platforms.

Just this month, the TV app launched on recent Sony smart TV sets.

On Amazon Fire Stick, the ability to purchase content is disabled as Apple and Amazon did not come to a revenue sharing agreement.

However, on the PlayStation app, customers will be able to directly subscribe to Apple TV+ and other Apple TV Channels.