Ardhi Investment Group, an agribusiness startup focusing on the development of climate-smart agricultural value chains mainly through greenhouse and hydroponics farming.

This they are doing in collaboration with its partners and Hortifresh has organized a greenhouse open day under the theme ‘21st Century Practices for Maximizing your Yield’.

With Ghana and Africa’s population expected to increase there is the need for African governments and especially those in agribusiness to take up the challenge and put in place efficient agricultural value chain development technologies and practices that will ensure that there is food security. 

The Co-Founder and Managing Director of Ardhi Investment Group, Akofa Ata said, the above statistics provide “a unique opportunity for all to participate along the different levels of the value chain, an act that will lead to the “creation of wealth for our country, communities and self”.

He indicated thatArdhi and its partners, Greenspan and Profytahave a common purpose to support vegetable growers in the tropical zones of Africa to deliver the highest yields in very difficult conditions, provide them with seeds suitable for tropical conditions, field and remote consultancy, tutorials on smart-farming and training.


Ardhi and its partners believe that the various innovative practices are largely responsible for their huge success hence the need to organize such an event to give patrons firsthand information and experience.

On his part, the Dutch Ambassador to Ghana, Ron Strikker lauded Ardhi farms for such a great initiative while expressing his excitement in seeing Ghanaian and Dutch businesses working together to take greenhouse production to a new level.

He added that “the new generation of consumers request for vegetables that are healthy and look beautiful hence Greenhouse production best fits this trend, “in the greenhouse, pest and diseases can be controlled much better than in outside production”.

He reiterated the Netherlands long-standing support for the agriculture sector in Ghana and stated further that through HortiFresh, “we are promoting the use of advanced technology and knowledge in the horticulture sector”.  

The Greenhouse open day is supported by Hortifresh, a programme designed by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands with the aim of prioritizing commercial agriculture as its strategic plan of moving from aid to trade.

The mission is to establish a sustainable and internationally competitive fruit and vegetable sector that contributes to inclusive economic growth, food, nutrition security in Ghana and Ivory Coast.