The Inspector General of Police, Dr George Akuffo Dampare, is the youngest to occupy that position in Ghana. But he’s previously headed many other units in the service, including the Greater Accra Regional Police commander. He’s also made significant contributions to policing in the country during his over 30-year career as a police officer.

With his appointment as IGP, the image of the Ghana Police Service is receiving a boost. The social media pages of the Service has become very proactive, updating the citizens on every situation they are working on.

Not only that – the pages have also become very engaging for consumers!
There’s more.

A shuttle service has been introduced for the personnel. The intervention, announced on the Services’ website, is meant to facilitate the movement of personnel to and from their places of residence to various duty points.

Over the years, some persons expressed concern about uniformed officers struggling to get on board vehicles during the rush hour and carrying their weapons for duty. Well, the programme implemented in fifteen out of the eighteen Police Operational Regions is also intended further to boost the morale of the personnel for enhanced performance.

The introduction of specially trained dogs in especially crime-prone communities is another intervention by the service.

According to the Director General in charge of Public Affairs at the Ghana Police Service, ACP Kwesi Fori, the security dogs positioned at strategic areas with the personnel have been trained to handle tougher issues and detect things that may escape the personnel and engage in rescue operations.

Speaking on Joy News’ Newsdesk, he mentioned, “this is part of the Ghana Polices’ ‘Proactive Preventive Policing Strategy aimed at among others’, to handle tougher issues, detect things which may escape the personnel and engaged in rescue operations.”

ACP Kwesi Fori further revealed that the services new image is a deliberate attempt to ‘change the face of the service.’’

He added, “The IGP on assumption of service we’ve seen a lot of programs that he has rolled out together with members of his administration. They’ve seen the need that we have to change our attitude, and we need to be proactive and go all out to serve the good people of this country.”

ACP Fori further revealed, “the leadership has also changed, and they believe that they are accountable to the people of this country by making sure that we take steps that will protect our people and guarantee the  safety of all manner of persons.”

ACP Kwesi Fori’s admission that the Service is deliberately promoting its image has been noticed by the public, many of whom have reacted on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show. Whiles many expressed satisfaction, others had more tasks for the IGP.

Moses, who noted that the IGP is doing good work, urged him also to arrest politicians because, according to him, “politicians are those messing things up in the country.”

He goes on to charge the IGP “we are looking at him whether he will maintain it or not, and if he manages to arrest any politician who violates the law, then I will give him the thump and may Allah bless him.”

Another caller Godwin reiterated the thoughts of Moses “it’s the politicians who are spoiling the system, so we are waiting for the IGP to see how he is going to handle the politicians in case any of them have issues. If he is able to control the politicians or able to deal with them like he is dealing with individuals, then we will support him.”

Commending the IGP, Christoff from Kumasi said, “I love his passion and enthusiasm to work for Ghana. I pray it goes that way without interferences, but I urge him to go to other regions, especially the Ashanti region where the crime rate is on the rise.”

Rabi asked others to hold on for some time before commending the IGP.

According to her, we should wait and see the IGP “touch the untouchable. Then, when he touches the ruling party people, and we see what happens after that, then we can see if he can still be fair.”

For Rabi, she envisages such a scenario before she can also join those recommending the IGP.

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