Alliance for Social Equity and Public Accountability has called for the removal of the headmistress of Achimota School.

In a press release, the group indicated that the two Rastafarian students who were denied admission by the School must be compensated.

“The lost time and the emotional stress inflicted on these innocent boys must not go without compensation.”

The group further urged the Ghana Education Service to “take this punitive action to show that at least they are interested in the protecting the rights of students in Ghana.”

ASEPA calls for removal of Achimota School headmistress, compensation for 2 dreadlocked students

ASEPA indicated this action when taken, would serve as a deterrent to other schools from impugning on students’ rights which is enshrined under the 1992 constitution instead of protecting them.  

“The law that governs this Country. 1992 Constitution is Supreme, it provides the basis for the enforcement of the rights of Citizens, any other law or regulation of any school or association is subservient to the provisions of the 1992 Constitution, and people such as leaders of educational institutions must be made to understand that you cannot abuse the rights of a child under the guise of rules and regulations.”

The press release followed the High Court in the judgment ordering for the two students to be admitted into Achimota School.

ASEPA said the ruling of the court “is a total enforcement of the fundamental human rights and freedoms of not only the two boys which Achimota School and the GES sought to violate with impunity without recourse to the impact of such decisions of the lives of the two boys but it’s the enforcement of the rights of all Ghanaians irrespective of your age, religious beliefs, ethnicity and social status.”