The Ashaiman MP has responded to a statement by the Electoral Commission which countered his claims that there was a deliberate omission of his name together with 21,000 other from the voter’s register.

Ernest Henry Norgbey said the EC in its communication sought to discredit his person and downplay the severity of the error which could disenfranchise the individuals.

In his press release, Ernest detailed the event of the day when he discovered the absence of his name. He called on the electoral body to explain how that such a large number of voter records could be missing in one constituency alone.

“In the morning of Friday, September 18, I went to the Celestial SHS 1 voter exhibition center of Center code C260703 to verify my name. My name was not found on the register which occasioned the verification officer to fill out my details on the EC’s own voter inclusion form.

“I have pictorial evidence of this and has accordingly attached the same to this release. Interestingly, I realised that at this same centre, where we registered about 873 voters during the last voter registration exercise, the exhibition register only contained 257 registrants.

“I was alarmed by this so I quickly deployed my research officers to conduct an audit of all the registers exhibited at all the exhibition centres across the constituency.”

“To my utmost shock, out of 167,286 people registered, we only found about 146,000 names in the registers exhibited. Over 21,000 names were missing from the registers.

“I immediately began mounting pressure on the EC to do the needful by restoring every one of the 21,000 voters who have been expunged from the register,” he recounted.

Mr Norgbey claimed the EC changed the registers that were had been showcased earlier before he got the chance to address the press on the matter the next day.

“On Saturday, after the people of Ashaiman had massed up at the offices of the EC and before I could address the press in my office, the EC released a new set of registers and claimed to have restored 14,000 names back onto the register including mine.

“Immediately, they (The EC) released a statement together with a screenshot of my voter information in their newly updated register creating the impression that I lied about my exclusion and 21,000 others from the register. This behaviour by the EC is unfortunate and smacks of gross dishonesty.”

“Even beyond the 14,000 names that the EC claims to have restored, there’s still a remainder of 7,000 legitimate registrants yet to be restored onto the electoral roll for which reason I throw a caution to the EC that my constituents and I shall not rest on our oars until the last of the remaining 7,000 affect registrants is put back onto the register,” Ernest narrated.

Meanwhile, In his 19th September statement, the Ashaiman MP noted that there was no recorded chaos throughout the registration period hence the mistake was uncalled for.

But EC stated: “It is for this reason that the law incorporates and makes provision for the exhibition exercise and mechanisms such as the inclusion process, which allows persons who registered but cannot trace their names on the provisional register to file for inclusion,” the statement said.

The Commission stated that the exhibition exercise which is scheduled to end on Friday, September 25, is meant to resolve such discrepancies.

The MP has questioned the credibility of the body following the occurence.

In April Mr Norgbey sued the Electoral Commission demanding the release of some procurement information to him.

He said the EC’s explanation that the fees payable for his request, under the Right to Information (RTI) Act 2019, have not been approved by Parliament is not tenable.