Chirano Gold Mines has donated a 33-seater bus to the Bibiani Goldstars FC to facilitate their participation in the Ghana Premier League.

Gold Stars will for the first time in their 24-year history participate in the elite division of Ghana Football, after coming close several times.

The Bibiani-based club secured a historic Ghana Premier League promotion from Zone Two of the Division One league under former Coach Kobina Amissah.

The ceremony to present the bus was graced by chiefs of the Western North Region, government officials as well as management and staff of Mensim Bibiani Goldfields and Chirano Mines.

General Manager of Chirano Gold Mines, Terence Watungwa, said he hopes the donation will help the team travel comfortably for their league matches.

“Today Chirano Gold Mines is proud to present this bus to Bibiani Gold Stars FC to provide the team with safe and comfortable means of transportation as they compete in the prestigious Ghana Premier League,” he said.

Mr. Watungwa who is also the Vice President Chirano Mines said the gesture goes to strengthen Chirano Mines’ obligation to being an excellent corporate organization.

“This donation reinforces our commitment to being an Outstanding Corporate Citizen and a strategic partner in the socio-economic development of the Western North Region of Ghana. We at Chirano Gold Mines believe that you, as a team, have the skill needed to stay in the premier league. But, to successfully compete at this high level, the football club requires support and assistance in many ways. It is for this reason that Chirano Gold Mines is very glad to support the club with this bus,” he emphasized.

The mining firm emphasized the need to support the football club to enhance the development and pleasure of the people of the Western North Region.

“With the donation of this bus, Chirano Gold Mines is demonstrating that we are not only building schools and clinics, providing educational support to students in need, and providing infrastructural amenities to catchment communities, but we are also interested in the socio-economic development and happiness and cohesiveness of the people of the region,” said Mr. Watungwa.

CEO of Bibiani Gold Stars, Kwesi Aidoo, re-echoed calls for unity amongst the supporters of the Club while acknowledging the support from Chirano and Mensim Mines towards the growth and development of the Club.

“We are so happy to see something beautiful in front of us, nothing but a 33-seater VIP Granbird bus. We are hoping this is a sign of unity that football can bring to society. And to see people from all parts of the Western North Region coming together to unveil such a facility it calls for unity. And with unity of purpose we can carry the name of Bibiani Gold Stars to higher heights. We are grateful to Chirano Mines for the bus and continue to say thank you to Mensim Mines for the logistical and financial support to the club,” he said.

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