A former President of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), Dr. Nyaho Nyaho-Tamakloe has intimated that in spite of beating the Super Eagles of Nigeria, the Black Stars is not up to the standard of the World Cup tournament.

Speaking on the Super Morning Show on Wednesday, March 30, 2022, he acknowledged that the Stars played a good game on Tuesday. However, he noted that there are challenges with the wings that need to be addressed.

“I think generally they did well, and to some extent, they gave us the hope that the Black Stars have a future [but] per the game yesterday, we [Black Stars] are not up to the standard of World Cup. If you watched yesterday’s game carefully we have a problem with the wings,” he stressed.

Touching on the performance of the players, he argued that Jordan’s performance wasn’t up to his expectation when he played as a winger, because he is a striker. “His performance wasn’t good,” he stressed.

Speaking on Afena-Gyan’s performance as well, he noted that “Afena is good – he’s got speed, he is slippery, but needs a bit of clinical work.”

“So if we want to use him as a striker then a lot of work needs to be done,” he added.

Dr. Nyaho-Tamakloe opined that most of the challenges with the team are due to the fact that they are not locally based.

“The coach doesn’t live here and I’m not comfortable with that. Almost the whole technical bench is not in this country and to me, that’s a great concern.

“Now as it is, at the moment, after this game the technical team will disperse and they will all go to their respective countries where they came from and we’re back to square one. They’re called back when there’s another game and this has been the main problem because they don’t gel,” he noted.

“So we should find a way to have some of these people permanently engaged. If we find Otto Addo to be the best hand, let’s find him here, employ him and pay him so that we can focus on the local players,” he added.

He also stressed the need to make good use of the local players.

“We have our own league running here and it is very important that we make use of some of our local players. If we’re not going to have them on our national team, then there’s no need to run a local league,” he noted.

“If we handle them properly, we can get some of them who will definitely be better than some of what we saw yesterday,” he added.