Bolt has unveiled an initiative dubbed ‘Kokromoti Power’ to help subsidise the transportation cost of some patriotic customers on Election Day, December 7.

Over 10,000 customers of Bolt stand to benefit from the initiative with each lucky winner being given ¢5 discount per ride for a maximum of two rides or trips.

Country Manager for Bolt Ghana, Nonso Onwuzulike, says Bolt’s gesture is its way of contributing towards deepening democracy in Ghana by helping people commute to their voting centres during election day.

“Bolt, as a business operating in Ghana, has a role to play in deepening democracy in the country and the ‘KokromotiPower’is our way to encourage people to take part in the voting process by discounting the travelling costs for them as they travel to their voting centres” he explains.

Bolt’s ‘Kokromoti Power’ promo to reward 10,000 customers with discounts
Nonso Onwuzulike – Bolt Ghana Manager

“When people are incentivized to go out and exercise their civic responsibilities to vote, it improves our quest to entrench  democracy and enjoy the freedom granted by our government  which benefits all, including businesses like ours” he adds.  

The mechanics of the ‘Kokromoti Promo’ are such over 10,000 Bolt ride hailers will be randomly picked and given their ‘Kokromoti Promo’ code which applies whilst paying for their rides on election day. 

This offers relief  for people who would have to move from their homes to polling centres outside their localities to vote.

Ghanaians go to the polls on 7th December to elect a President and Parliamentarians to oversee the affairs of the state for the next four years.