One week after a 57-year-old British national appeared in court for indecently assaulting a three-year-old girl, another British is in the news, this time, for sodomising a 19-year-old Ghanaian.

The suspect, John Ross Macleod, a 63-year-old photographer, was arrested at the Kotoka International Airport in Accra while going through departure formalities.

According to the Deputy Director General of CID, Assistant Commisoner of Police (ACOP) Ken Yeboah, Macleod established an online relationship with the boy, Emmanuel Adda, an SSS graduand.

After exchanging mails, the British proposed love to the boy and promised to visit him in Ghana.

The Deputy Director General said Macleod arrived in the country on October 2, 2007 and was met on arrival by Adda, who took him to a hotel at Dome an Accra suburb.

He said Adda, who lives at the Christian Village, near Achimota, took Macleod home and introduced him to his parents as a pen pal from the UK who was visiting Ghana.

Mr Yeboah said because Adda was awaiting his results, he was able to accompany the suspect to the Kakum National Park, near Cape Coast, the Elmina Castle and Lake Bosumtwi among other places of interest and on all those trips, Adda was sodomised by Macleod.

He said Macleod filmed all their sexual acts and took nude still pictures of Adda.

Mr Yeboah said last Saturday, while Macleod was going through departure formalities at the airport, Narcotics Control Board officials became suspicious about his movement and, thinking that he might be having some drugs on him, picked him up for questioning.

He said while they were going through his luggage, they found a number of CDs and nude pictures of him and Adda which he had concealed in a compartment of his suitcase.

He said Adda was later arrested and the two were handed over to the Police.

They were arraigned before the Accra Circuit Court on Monday charged with two counts of unnatural canal knowledge and possessing obscene pictures.

They pleaded guilty to the first count of unnatural canal knowledge and were convicted on their own guilty plea to GHc600 (¢6 million) each or in default six months imprisonment.

Macleod pleaded not guilty to possessing obscene pictures and was granted a GHc5000 (¢50 million) bail with three sureties, whom he could not provide.

The two are in custody.

Source: Daily Graphic


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