Cadbury Ghana Limited, makers of Richoco, has announced the commencement of its education support programme aimed at assisting parents and guardians to pay the school fees of their wards.

The programme will be executed through an annual ‘Richoco My Ghana My Pride’ National Essay Competition which is open to upper primary, junior and senior high school students across the country.

Cadbury’s Marketing Manager, Kwabena Opoku at the launch said, “We are delighted to announce this essay contest, as it is an opportunity to embolden Ghanaian students to participate in issues of importance to our country such as our heritage.

“It is essential for us to understand the perspective of the youth when it comes toour rich cultural sites and activities in their communities.

Cadbury launches 'My Ghana, My Pride' national essay competition

Rules of the contest

The competition is open to all Upper Primary, Junior High and Senior High School students who are Ghanaian. Students are to write on the topic: “Your cousin, who lives in a different part of the country, is coming to visit you for the holidays. Write a letter to him/her telling them about the top 5 exciting and interesting things to do in your region for when they visit.”

To participate:

• Contestants are to submit a handwritten essay of not more than 400 words for Upper Primary, 600 words for Junior High School and 750 words for Senior High School.

• Attach an empty pack of either Richoco 1kg or 2 packs of Richoco 500g.

• Entries must be dropped off at any of the vantage points pan Ghana. (Visit Cadbury Richoco on Facebook and Instagram for the drop off points).

• Participants must be an Upper Primary, JHS or SHS student living in Ghana.

• Applicants must submit their complete contact information (school name and address, residential address, phone number and email address).

• Deadline for entries is September 30, 2020, and 15 entries will be shortlisted and invited to take part in a final quiz in October 2020.


•  A whopping ¢100,000 will be split among 15 students and 3 schools.

•  The top 5 essays from each category (Upper Primary, JHS and SHS) will take part in the final quiz to determine who wins the grand prize from that category.

• The winners from each category will win ¢10,000 for themselves and another ¢10,000 for their school.

•  The remaining finalists will walk away with cash prizes for themselves.

Cadbury Richoco which was launched in 1992 is made using only the finest Ghanaian cocoa and has since 1992 been featuring prominently in the Chop Boxes of many students past and present.

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