Artiste Manager, George Britton, has revealed that the flexibility of Camidoh pushed him to sign him onto the GB Records label.

George Britton reiterated that artiste managers have specific criteria they follow before signing a contract. To him, he looks beyond creativity and checks on the goal orientation of the artiste, how determined, focused, flexible, and easy he/she is, and finally his or her self confidence and manner during speech delivery.

“To me and my team, an artiste is a product that needs a team to package it well and in the case of Camidoh we looked at how goal-oriented he is, how determined and focused he is. Flexible and easy to work with.”

Speaking to KMJ on Prime Morning on Friday, he said music may come and go, it is the reason the personality of every artiste should be much bigger than the music.

Before ‘Sugarcane’ became popular, an image was put on the song by the team with a lot of activation. Similarly, a contingency plan was drawn as well as a strategic marketing plan which included a small gathering of friends, outdoor programs etc.

Also, the Artiste Manager indicated that the team is still in the process of entering the Latin Market to feature some Puerto Ricans on the Sugarcane EP in Spanish.

“We’ve had calls from Zambia, Uganda and Kenya,” he added.