Catholicism inspires us to serve better

Ghana is a secular Republic. I’ve always maintained the view that, in the greater interest of nationhood, religion should be separated from statecraft. But one cannot deny the social contributions that faith-based institutions have made and the impact they continue to have on the lives of Ghanaians.

While faith is neither necessary nor sufficient for a just society, it continues to play an important role in influencing the moral code.

We should take pride in the widespread belief that our Republic is under the trustworthy care of God.

I am a member of the Holy Catholic Church. I was privileged to observe, at an early age, its sacred mysteries. The architecture, art, music and therapeutic rituals of a church service all come together to create a greater sense of divinity and inner-peace.

The Catholic values of endurance, joy of work, fraternal love, generosity in forgiving others and, above all, the offering of one’s life at the service of others are shared by people of every faith.

A good Catholic must nurture, comfort and protect their neighbour. These are responsibilities that belong to all Ghanaians, especially towards the poor.

As Catholics, we are reminded to be upright citizens. Everyone who is entrusted with the care of others is a leader. Hence, we are all taught to be leaders. And we become good leaders by loving those entrusted to us, caring for them, spending our time and talents for their welfare, and guarding them from danger.

Our local communities are a shared responsibility: we are expected to be a solid support system behind charity organisations and a check and balance on local authorities. We must encourage government in their duties, by lovingly offering them constructive criticism when they are found misbehaving, and by praying for them.

Let us, as good Catholics, with the help of God, become better servant-citizens to Ghana. 


Photo: The author, Vincent Djokoto, at the St. Margaret Mary Parish

Vincent Djokoto is an Adviser at D. K. T. Djokoto & Co and a Columnist passionate about politics, pop culture and history. He is an avid chess player, music enthusiast and Accra Hearts of Oak fan. Twitter/Instagram: @VLKDjokoto