Gospel diva, Celestine Donkor completely stole the show when she stepped forward to perform at the 2022 edition of the Multimedia Group Limited’s (MGL) annual thanksgiving service.

The event, was held on Friday, January 28, 2022, at the Victory Bible Church International (Prophetic Sanctuary), Kokomlemle.

Scores of employees of the MGL came together to offer fervent prayers in an atmosphere of gratitude and worship as well as give thanks and praise the Lord.

Celestine Donkor started off by filling the auditorium with the holy spirit through a heated worship session. Then, she switched into a praise session. The congregants couldn’t help but dance their feet off.

Members of staff were thrilled when she suddenly veered into rap mode while performing one of her latest tracks ‘Agbebolo.’ The audience couldn’t help but cheer her on.

At the start of the day’s proceedings, the master of ceremony, Pastor Ato Acquah, welcomed all participants to the group’s annual encounter with God.

Speaking to a visibly elated audience, the Chief Human Resource Manager, Nana Mbroh Elegba, disclosed the purpose of gathering and the rationale for the event.

In his delivery, he underscored the need for the Multimedia Group to thank God for 2021 and commit the new year into the hands of God.

According to him, despite the efforts of team members, the gains and strides of Multimedia, have been largely influenced by God, thus the need for the team to collectively render unqualified gratitude to Him.

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