A fifteen-member Board of Directors for the Chamber of Independent Power Producers, Distribution Companies and Bulk Consumers, Ghana (CIPDiB) has been inaugurated.

Chairman of the Board, Togbe Afede XIV, said the formation of the Chamber was long overdue.

He said it was a normal practice that operators in the same field of expertise and service delivery joined forces together to push and influence national policy in order to address concerns of citizens, not only in the power sector but in all sectors.

Togbe Afede made the remarks at the inauguration of the 15-member Board of Directors for the Chamber.

The Board is expected to provide technical and policy direction for its members.

The Board members also include: Mr. Kwame Pianim, an Economist, Mr. Samuel Nana Brew- Butler, Managing Director (MD), Cenpower Generations, Mr. Qun Yang – Chairman, Sunon Asogli Power Ghana Limited, Mr. Reginald France – Board Member, Early Power Limited, Mr. Daniel Acheampong – Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Valco, Erik Van Der Staaij, MD of Tex Styles Ghana Ltd and Mr. Bhavesh Kumar – MD, B5 Plus Limited.

Other members are; Mr. Murat Captug – Country Director, Aksa Energy, Mr. Kelvin Wu, MD, BXC, Mr. Volkan Buyukbicer, Country Manager, Karpowership, Victor Noja, CEO, CENIT Power, Mr. Norbert Anku, MD, Enclave Power, Mr. Kojo Fosu, CEO of Trojan Power Ltd, Mr. David Kwadzo Ametefe, Former Commissioner, Public Utilities and Regulatory Commission (PURC) and Mr Elikplim Apertorgbor, CEO of CIPDiB.

He said the work and fortunes of the companies were inextricably linked and that none of the companies could survive without the other.

“Instead of forming separate associations, it is laudable that we have come together to pursue a common goal, fostering our interest and more importantly that of Ghana’s economic progress,” he said.

Togbe Afede who is also the President of the National House of Chiefs explained that the Chamber will serve as a forum to coordinate activities of Independent Power Producers and make inputs into government’s policy formulation.

He also emphasised on the need to plan and invest in research in order to build the capacity of members of the Chamber.

Mr Apetorgbor said the objectives of the Chamber was to provide industry research and strategy committed to enhancing the industry’s commercial viability and sustainability and to coordinates and facilitates activities of industry players to promote healthy cooperation and competition amongst members and industry.

He said it was also to advocate, lobby for policies that would promote the best interest of its members, promote Energy Policy Advocacy and represent the voice of members on government legislation which may affect the industry.

“We will also organise in-house and off-site skills training and workshops for members and non-members alike.”

 Other officials in attendance were from the American Embassy in Accra, Volta River Authority, Electricity Company of Ghana, National Investment Bank and OmniBSIC.

The IPPs produce a total capacity of 2598MW constituting 57 per cent generation to the national grid.

Member Companies of the Chamber include; Sunon-Asogli, BXC Solar, CENIT Power Plant, Karpower, Cen Power among others.

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