A Ghanaian businessman based in Norway has dragged a top police officer to court for alleged unlawful demolition of his five-bedroom house in Accra.

Abdul Razak Yusuf, the businessman, is accusing Chief Superintendent Baffour Apenteng at the CID headquarters of abuse of office.

He accused the officer of using his position to terrorize him and destroy his property without a court order.

The distraught man told JoyNews’ Maxwell Agbagba that he has been at the site many times after the building was demolished.

According to him, he is always in a state of disbelief whenever he visits to see his investments reduced to rubbles.

“When he came in [to pull down the structure], luckily for me, one of my guys was here so he hid and took the video of his vehicle and some bulldozers entering the property to destroy it.”

“He was in the company of about five police officers,” he said.

Aggrieved, Yusuf said the officer abused his office by using his position and power to destroy his building without any authorization from the court.

“He abused his power because I will not challenge a police officer coming onto my property with guns because I care about my life and I am a law-abiding person.

“I know the law takes time to get justice so I will not do anything but wait…I know he is just using his uniform to intimidate me and not do what he is supposed to do,” Yusuf said.

He said he will take the matter to the court for justice to be served.

But Chief Superintendent Baffour Apenteng who is also a lawyer says the structure that was destroyed was not an uncompleted building.

According to him, it was only a footing and he does not need a court order because the building was on his land.

“I don’t need an order because section 39 of the country’s criminal code where the use of force is justified…if you know this is your registered property, you don’t need a warrant,” he said.