First National Bank Ghana has been adjudged the CIMG emerging brand of the year, 2017. The award, according to CIMG, is in recognition of First National Bank’s excellence in strategic marketing and brand exposure in Ghana.

The bank is known for its wide array of self-service digital offerings through their E-Channels and a buzzing innovation credentials.

Commenting on the award, the head of marketing and corporate communications, Delali Dzidzienyo said “our journey so far in Ghana has been very exciting. We are looking forward to some exciting times ahead.”

“Our brand is very strong and we believe our presence here in Ghana will help strengthen the financial services industry. Innovation and digital inclusion are top on the priority list and we will continue to give our customers market-leading solutions at very affordable prices."

This award comes just 3 years after First National Bank established its in Ghana. The bank currently operates 7 branches and 17 ATMs in Accra. It is expected to open it first branch in Kumasi by end of 2018.

First National Bank Ghana is a subsidiary of South Africa’s FirstRand Group which is the largest bank by market capitalisation listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange – Africa’s largest bourse.

First National Bank is leveraging on the experience and financial muscle of its parent company to excel in Ghana.

The bank, headquartered in South Africa, also has a presence in Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland, Lesotho, Mozambique, Zambia, Kenya, Angola and Tanzania.


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