Coconut Grove Regency Hotel has won the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI) Best Hospitality and Tourism Hotel Award for the year 2013.

General Manager of Coconut Grove Regency, Mr. Raphael M.K. Ayitey, who received the award indicated that “the award confirms the brain behind the setting up of the Hotels [Coconut Grove Hotels] by the owners (Dr. and Mrs. Nduom).

“…moving forward even though most of the dishes we serve at the hotels are Ghanaian, we are striving to a point where everything will be Ghanaian. In this way we will not only be selling Coconut Grove Hotels but Ghana as a whole,” the elated GM of Coconut Grove Regency affirmed.

Mr. Ayitey also seized the opportunity to thank the loyal and committed clients of Coconut Grove Hotels for bringing the Hotel this far to win this prestigious award. He appealled to government to partner with players in the hospitality and tourism industry to put Ghana on an enviable position on the Tourism map of the world.

“This is key since the 2014 Budget indicated that the hospitality and tourism sector is the fourth highest contributor to the country’s GDP which contribution in 2012 was 1.7 Million US dollars ,” he noted.

He disclosed that plans are afoot by management of Coconut Grove Hotels to expand its facilities to other parts of the country.

A key factor in the Hotels operations he noted was the views of the customers. 'Our clients keep us in business and they are our number one priority.

This he said is geared towards making the hotels the number one company in Ghana in the very near future.

Coconut Grove Regency Hotel is part of Coconut Grove Chain of Hotels which also includes the Coconut Beach Resort,  Coconut Grove Village, Coconut Grove Bridge House (all in Elmina) and Coconut Grove Lodge in Obuasi.

Coconut Grove Hotels is a member of Groupe Nduom, which is made up of conglomerate of companies including 1st National Savings and Loans, Ghana Growth Fund Company (GGFC,) PenTrust, Gold Coast Management Fund, Qualtek Company Limited, Ghana Media Group among others.