The leader of a protest march to demand restoration of radio spectrums by the National Communications Authority (NCA) says he was attacked at his home hours after the protest.

Prince Minka claimed unknown assailants broke into his home the night after he led the Free Media Vanguard group through the streets of Accra.

The march was in reaction to the National Communications Authority’s shut down a number of radio stations including two pro-opposition NDC radio stations Radio Gold and Radio XYZ.

The protestors demanded that the government backs off from using state agencies to silence the media.

The protestors carried placards suggesting the government’s complicity

Prince Minka said although nobody was hurt in the attack, his saloon car was vandalised and some sealed papers “in a brown envelope” were compromised.

According to him, at or after midnight, they head strange footsteps and some noise in their compound followed by gunshot sounds.

That was followed by a banging on their door which turned out to be his neighbour.

Minka told Kojo Yankson on the AM Show on the Joy News channel Wednesday that his neighbour had scared off the assailants with warning shots.

When they all came out to the compound the intruders were gone but the damage was done.

“My neighbour joked to me that “is it because of the demonstration you led that we are being attacked,” Minka said.

There is no evidence yet to suggest the attack is linked to the protest march Minka led on Tuesday but according to him, he cannot be faulted for stretching his imagination.

“I have lived in this house for years and we haven’t experienced such attack before,” he said.

Why were the stations shut down?

In a statement, the NCA said they were implementing the ruling of the Electronic Communications Tribunal against Radio Gold and Radio XYZ.

The authority argues that the stations are operating without valid authorisation.

They said the closed down stations should reapply for frequencies if they want to resume operations. But the opposition NDC and some civil society organisations say it is a targeted attack on the stations.

Meanwhile, Prince Minka said the attack has been reported to the police.