The Ghana Health Service (GHS) says eight more lives have been lost to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Service made this known in its latest update on the country’s fight against the coronavirus disease.

On its website (, GHS revealed that the recent casualties bring the total death cases to 1,228.

As of December 1, Ghana’s active cases stood at 692. Also, 27 new cases have been recorded.

Main breakdown

According to the Ghana Health Service, 23 individuals who have fallen prey to the virus are in severe condition.

So far, a total of 131,246 Covid-19 cases have been confirmed since the country recorded its first case in March 2020.

However, some 129,326 who have recovered from the virus have been discharged from various health facilities.

Meanwhile, members of the general public have been urged to continue adhering to the safety protocols. This comes at a time when Ghana has recorded a number of Omicron cases – a new variant of the virus at its port.

Last week, the Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research (NMIMR) said about 34 cases had been detection within the country.

Although the new variant has not been recorded in local communities per reports, government has noted that it will enforce stricter compliance to reduce the gross level of non-adherence amongst citizens, especially during the Christmas festivities.

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