It could happen to you, so do pay attention.

Our world has gradually driven us to self-centeredeness. We only think about ourselves, not our neighbour or our brother.

Our goal as individuals is to see ourselves climb up the ladder as we see our “enemies” climb down. The enemy is none other than the next human being who is not our own selves.

The true state of mankind thus, pathetic.

Look at this scenario. When our leaders in Africa had not gotten to where they’re, they were treated in our own hospitals by our local experts when they fell ill. The drunkenness of power means they don’t see how worthy those recent past “saviours” are after they were placed on the head coronets, crowned with power.

What at all is African hospitals, African doctors. That of abroad is the best if it’s survival you seek.

Today, a global pandemic in coronavirus means no leader can cross a border to seek medical care. Make use with the dilapidated facilities you never cared to build since you knew it only cared for the commoners, not the elites.

It’s not all the time that adversities should be remembered with sorrows and gnashing of teeth. Some do come our ways to reveal the true state of us as humans. Covid-19 is doing just that in some ways despite the outrageous rogue style of taking beautiful souls away from our unfinished constructing world.

In Britain, Covid-19 is revealing to political students that you’re worth your sort as a human only when men can benefit from you. When you’re on the cusps of death, man will desert you, obliterate your name from history and only plan for your burial and how to inherit your estates and bed.

Thanks be to the beneficent Omnipotent God who heard my prayers to inject life of breathe into the waning spirits of Boris Johnson, the Premier of Britain.

He’s now responding to treatment, no more in the Intensive Care Unit. He’s out from the throes of Covid-19 death, to learn of how those he in recent past called friends only met to discuss him, but to to decide who his successor will be.

Boris Johnson will not survive it, his case is not mild as he claimed earlier. If he dies, who should take up the mantle? The foreign secretary is new to politics. He’s not seductive enough to lead the Conservative party, the Tories. We’re not yet out of the blues of BREXIT, Dominic Raab cannot succeed Boris Johnson.

As African leaders who now with knee jerk reactions to stemming the spread and lethality of the virus, fearing they may be caught in the unpleasant net of Boris Johnson’s wished him speedy recovery, those with him he thought they’re partners in rebuilding the Great Britain, met to debate the future of Britain post Boris as hypothesised above.

What’s man? Self-centered. Self seeking. Uncaring. God for us all, everyone for himself.

Faithfuls of the One Ghana Movement (#1GhM) should stay put, fingers crossed, as we brave the ravaging might of Covid-19. We must live to gather and have as a guideline to our Ghana rebuilding process, rubbles from the wreckage of this Coronavirus.

Listen to the experts’ advice. Social distancing, stay at home. Fruits and vegetables should dominate your dinner table. You’re to live and be part of the history makers.

The pandemic has given a clear cut to the job we have ahead of us.

We have no other place to go than our homes when everyone slums shut his doors.

When honey flew in the streets of America, their president Donald Trump shut the doors to the neighbours who crossed the boarders to have a taste of it.

Today, the honey flowing has been muddied by the vomits of COVID-19, the recent past Paradise in America is a despicable name to migrants now. Learn the true state of man, ye students of life.

 If we behave like the proverbial bird who only remembers to build its nest when it rained, this Coronavirus has not taught us any lesson then.

God, stand by your faithfuls, we’re arming to document the stories of your world post Covid-19.

DISCLAIMER: The Views, Comments, Opinions, Contributions and Statements made by Readers and Contributors on this platform do not necessarily represent the views or policy of Multimedia Group Limited.

DISCLAIMER: The Views, Comments, Opinions, Contributions and Statements made by Readers and Contributors on this platform do not necessarily represent the views or policy of Multimedia Group Limited.