Ali Olakunmi (a homeless man) was asked by a creative director to take some photos while the team was waiting for it's model. (Credit: Afolabi. @afolabi_lagos on Twitter)

A creative director in Nigeria took social media users by surprise when he shared photos of his new model taken during a project.

The twist was the model, called Ali Olakunmi, was not the initial choice his team was going with. He was a homeless man whom they chose to do the shoot with while waiting for the first model they had booked.

However, after seeing the photos some users were stunned Ali was a homeless man with many saying he looked like he has been modelling for a long time.

The Creative Director, only known as Afolabi took to his handle to explain how he discovered this homeless man.

“I had a shoot today at Ikeja, while we were waiting for the model to arrive, we decided to meet with a guy (ALI)  who was sleeping under the bridge to model for us,” he wrote.

In a video that was gone viral, Ali was seen sleeping on some rocks next to a rail line under a bridge along with one other.

When he was asked if he could take the job, he nodded. Afolabi stated that his team including a stylist, a designer and a photographer styled Ali for the shoot.

“I would like to believe that Ali was born for this. His pose, his body structure and his skin tone were perfect,” Afolabi added.

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