The Acting Director-General of the Ghana Police Service’s Public Affairs Directorate, ACP Kwesi Ofori, has warned criminals that it will be dangerous when they cross paths with the police.

“Let me say that regarding our fight towards these street robberies, we are determined and we are focused. We’ve laid down our objectives, goals and strategies, and to those people doing this, we are saying that crossing our path will be too dangerous for them,” he stated on Saturday.

ACP Kwesi Ofori, who was speaking on the back of the recent robberies in the country on JoyNews’ Newsfile, said the police are adopting lots of technological means to track criminals down.

“As far as they try to moles, harm and kill innocent people in our cities, we are not going to sit down and watch them do some of these things.

“So we have marshal all our operational patrol teams, intelligence, foot patrols and whatever means that we have.”

He said so far, the police have made some arrest in connection with the street robberies through the intervention of technology.

“And I believe that in the coming times, it is going to play a critical role [because] the police now have access to the technology and we are using it and will make sure that very soon we will see how to link it to other data that we have,” he indicated.

He noted that the cameras on the street lights have other special features that enable them to do other things.

“But for now, as a result of deaths on our roads, the Inspector General of Police and members of his administration have decided that we use it to reduce deaths on our roads,” he said.

This, he stated, is aimed at inculcating self-discipline in drivers on the roads, but added that the target at the moment is people using 4×4 vehicles and those who ride on the shoulders or middle of the streets, among others. 

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