The church is being called upon as a final resort to rid the city of stench and filth following failed attempts by successive governments to clean the country's cities. 

According to the Deputy Greater Accra Regional Minister, the church must be an agent of transformation. This she said must also reflect in the area of sanitation. 

“And don’t forget we are transforming Ghana and you are an agent of transformation. So keep your environment clean,” Mrs. Elizabeth Sackey said on Sunday morning. 

The Deputy Minister, who is also a deaconess of the church of Pentecost, was affirming the vision of the church to partner political leaders to rid the country of its overwhelming filth, during her visit to the Church of Pentecost New Achimota English Assembly.

The Church of Pentecost has launched the Environmental Care Campaign which is aimed at helping the government achieve its promise of making Accra the cleanest city at the end of its tenure.

The Campaign, which is part of a 5-year vision of the church, seeks to possess the nation and transform every sphere of society with Godly principles and values.

 Urging the church to support her since she one of her own, the minister said: “because I am there I know you are there in keeping the country very neat and the city very neat as the President said." 

Mrs. Sackey’s call comes at a time government’s pledge to make Accra the cleanest city has failed and the war on filth foundering. 

Two years ago, the president, Nana Akufo-Addo joined Mohammed Adjei Sowah, the Accra Mayor's declaration of war on filth in Ghana and promised to make Ghana the cleanest city in Africa.

This is not the first time war has been declared on filth. Alfred Oko Vanderpuije who was Mayor Accra declared a similar war and so was the Mayor before him.

Interestingly, each Mayor has had to leave office with the sanitation situation the same way he met the city or worse than what triggered the declaration of war.

But Mrs. Sackey is unfazed. She is hopeful a partnership with the church will produce the needed results in the area of sanitation. 

She has, therefore, urged the church to demonstrate leadership in the area of sanitation and be exemplary. 

"Don't do what others do, try to correct them. The Ghanaian mentality is as such. It is ''É›yÉ› saa na yÉ›yÉ› no [that is how we do it]' and so let's continue to do it''. But this time around we need another paradigm where we can keep our country and our city very neat," said.