Media personality Ruddy Kwakye says support is not enough to grow in the creative industry in the country.

According to the event expert, the decency and respect to start conversations between artists, their teams and investors, to push the arts to the next level is the sustainable method in developing the sector.

Mr Kwakye was reacting to the “secret code” that Afrobeat musician, King Promise’s shared on Thursday, October 14.

The Ghanaian music industry has had its fair share of struggles in efforts to taste global recognition.

Artists, music promoters, investors and the likes have long wondered what contributes to these struggles.

Some parties have in turn apportioned blame on each other, leaving the music industry to its fate, as it enjoys mainly local consumption, with very little global recognition.

In a tweet dated 14/10/2021, Singer King Promise hinted at and rallied for support for various artists, presumably the cheat code to attaining global success for Ghanaian music.

It read, “Bro, you don’t have to know me. It doesn’t even have to be a 5 star. Support Kidi. Support Kwesi. Support Gyakie. Support R2bees. Support Sark. From the bottom of your heart. Ego over the world easily when we do that. Support is the cheat code”.

However, media guru and events expert Ruddy Kwakye, on Joy Entertainment’s Showbiz A-Z as a guest, opined that it is not enough for artists to ask for support.

But speaking on Joy FM’s Showbiz A-Z, Mr Kwakye said, “there is also a certain level of disrespect and disdain that the ‘show people’ [the talents] have for the business people [investors and others in the value chain]. But if the show and business do not come together, there is nothing that could be happening.”

He further touched on how some artists have the urge to outsmart business executives in their partnerships.

Throwing more light on why it is ridiculous on the part of these artists, the media personality said, “what business has shown is that we will always make money around you, and without you. We’ve learnt that there are other ways to make money”.

He related a few accounts of how seasoned business executives have seen to the success of many projects and how much of key ingredients they could be to the elevation of these artists to a global standard, but “the show people think the business people are out to get them, and the business people think the show people are not serious”.

In view of this, Mr Kwakye believed that the music industry can only forge ahead when artistes disown every form of entitlement, come together as a body, treat each other with respect and forge ahead.

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