Founder of ICGC, Mensa Otabil delivering a sermon

The founder of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC), Pastor Mensa Otabil is urging Ghanaians to take up opportunities that are unfamiliar.

Delivering his sermon based on Jeremiah 4:3, during his weekly online service, he explained that new territories that are unfamiliar, scary yet exciting, usually are worth venturing into.

“Look at what has happened to our world. In the last four months we have been forced to break up fallowed grounds in ministry. Whoever thought that church could be done the way we are doing it?” he exclaimed.

He disclosed that if anybody asked him if it’s possible to have online church service, about a year ago, he would have told them it would be impossible.

Mensa Otabil stressed that instead of running away from what may seem like a limitation (fallow ground), people have to take it head-on, break it and invest in the idea because the pandemic has proven many wrong.

“Something that seems unfamiliar may be an opportunity. Something that seems undone may be a challenge for you to do. It can be scary, it is scary but while it is scary, it is exciting to know the opportunity that stands in front of us,” he said. 

He, therefore, encouraged that as the coronavirus pandemic has presented life-changing opportunities, for institutions who are breaking barriers, Ghanaians should do the same with their individual lives. 

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