The beef between rapper Kwaw Kese and Tinny does not seem to be dying soon.

Hiplife artiste Tinny has received threats from Kwaw Kese after calling him a whack rapper but the artiste is not fazed by the “I’ll slap him” statement from the rapper.

In reply to the threats, Tinny has asked Kwaw Kese to do a better job in the music industry and progress.

According to the hiplife artiste, the rapper became famous by chance after releasing some hit songs years ago.

“It is funny to hear Kwaw says he will slap me when we meet. I know he is frustrated. I expect him to do his homework well and progress,” he said.

The artiste stated he simply shared his view on the rapper’s music when he called him whack.

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Tinny explained he expected the rapper to prove him wrong by releasing hit songs or calling Tinny for a head to head challenge.

“That would have been better than you talking anyhow on radio,” he said.

Tinny claimed the failure of the rapper’s career led him into dating an older woman to survive including buying him his awards.

He also replied to the rapper calling him out on living with his mom explaining “my mother lived a good life so she has properties, I am enjoying from my responsible parent’s hard work.”

Tinny stated it is not his style to be posting everything on social media.

“I am not a social media millionaire, empty barrels make the most noise. Kwaw Kese must come for lessons,” he added.