The Kotoka International Airport (KIA) has put in place, excellent preventive measures, to detect persons carrying narcotic drugs.

Mr. Fernando Ventura, leader of a European Union (EU) team, said this to journalists, when the team toured the KIA’s facilities to ascertain the capability of the airport to detect and arrest drug traffickers.

Mr Ventura said the tour was to enable the team to learn about the effectiveness of the KIA’s drug detection system, as well as areas where the airport might need further assistance.

The tour formed part of a wider project to build capacity all over the world in the combat against drug trafficking.

The Minister of Aviation, Mr Joe Badoe-Ansah, said the government would ensure that the airport gained a decent and honourable reputation as a no-go area for drug traffickers.

Among those present were Mr. George Scott, Chief Director at the Ministry of Aviation, Mr Simon Allotey, Director General of the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority, and other senior officials of both the Ministry of Aviation and the GCAA.

Source: GNA