The Electoral Commission (EC) says it is ready to process applications from both Presidential and parliamentary candidates who want to transfer their votes from one polling station to another of their choice.

A statement signed by Head of Communications at the EC, Eric Kofi Dzakpasu and copied says the period for acceptance of application spans from Monday, August 15 to Friday, August 19.

“Candidates who wish to transfer their votes from the polling station where they registered to a different polling station, are required to visit the District Office of the Commission in the Constituency where they wish to vote, to complete the vote transfer application form,” the statement said.

As the clock tickles for the December polls, the EC has been putting in place several exercises to ensure that persons are not disenfranchised. The vote transfer for candidates exercise follows the second phase of re-registration of National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) registrants whose names were deleted following a ruling by the Supreme Court (SC) in a case in which the credibility of the electoral roll was challenged.

The Commission argues any candidate who wants to go through the process must meet the below qualification in order to ensure a successful transfer of his/her vote.

The candidate;

(a) Must be a registered voter;

(b) Must be resident in the Constituency other than that in which he/she registered for not less than 12 months;

(c) Should provide physical proof of his/her new residence, including the residential address.

According to the Commission, any candidate who meets the above-listed qualifications would be “assigned to a new polling station in his/her new Constituency of residence.”



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