A Member of the Ghana Education Service Council, Anis Haffar has advised parents of the Rastafarian students who were denied admission to the Achimota School to find an amicable solution to the matter without going to Court.

This comes after the lawyer for the two students revealed that the families of the children are considering petitioning the court to compel the school to admit their children.

However, in an interview on Prime Morning, the Educationist stated that authorities of the schools may have reasons for their decision, as such, the parents must engage management to resolve the issue.

“No school anywhere can be everything to everybody. That is something we have to understand. So when we look at education, we are looking at schools which is part of a larger eco-system. What that means is that we can have particular schools doing particular things and some schools not doing particular things.

“Now when it comes to culture, the first thing we have to realise that, now, if you look at the population of Achimota there are about 3000 students and we have one headmistress. Then the question is, ‘How much can one person take?’” he asked host Daniel Dadzie

“So the issue with the parents now is for them to be considerate. They have to put themselves in the place of the heads of those schools”.

His statement follows a series of events that started with the Headmistress of Achimota School denying 2 Rastafarian students enrolment to the school. Even though the students were posted to the School under the Computer School Placement System (CSSPS) the Headmistress insisted that the rules of the school does not allow students with dreadlocks to be admitted.

This subsequently generated a massive debate on social media with many claiming that the students have been denied their right to education.

Although the Ghana Education Service (GES) initially ordered for the students to be admitted, it later rescinded its order.

In the meantime, the Rastafari Council is seeking other alternatives to get admission to another institution for the students.